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Children's Crafts for Every Holiday

If your children are like mine, they love to help decorate for the holidays. However, many of my decorations are breakable. As such, they can't really help or touch the items. In order to make them feel like they are contributing, and to keep them busy while I decorate, I started giving them fun little crafts that they could do for each holiday. I decided to start this website to share some of our favorite crafting ideas with each of you. I treasure all of the holiday crafts that my children have completed, and I hope that you will love the crafts your child creates just as much. Thanks for visiting my website and happy crafting!

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Preserving The Life Of Stuffed Toys

For many people, stuffed toys are more than just a furry toy they enjoyed during their childhood years. Stuffed toys are far more valuable. For some, these objects represent precious memories -- memories that should be protected. Make sure you know how to protect stuffed toys to preserve their condition and the memories they hold.

Keep Dust Away

Avoid storing your stuffed toys on the floor or any other area prone to high-dust accumulation. Excessive dust will only settle into the toy's fur. While most stuffed toys can be cleaned in a washing machine, you want to keep this abrasive form of cleaning to a minimum, as even the most delicate of cycles can cause damage.

The more you keep the stuffed toy away from dust, the less likely it will be that you need to wash it. The best solution is to keep the toy in a sealable or air-tight container that inhibits dust collection. Plastic totes are an excellent option.

Don't Squish Them

When storing your stuffed toys, avoid stuffing too many toys in a single container. This is very important if you plan to store them away for a considerable length of time, such as several years. When you stuff too many of these toys in too small of an area, this can alter their shape.

Once this happens, even if you try to fluff them, the stuffed toy will never return to its original shape. While it's okay for the stuffed toys to touch, they shouldn't be smashed or pushed into one another. In addition to changing their shape, this also increases the risk of fur matting.

Wash With Care

As previously mentioned, you want to keep washing to a minimum to avoid damage. However, when you do wash, you want to do so with care. Stuffed toys should only be washed with a gentle or delicate cycle. You should also review the label to see whether the toy should be washed on a warm or cold cycle.

If there is no information, go with a cold cycle, but never wash a stuffed toy in hot water as this can cause permanent fur damage. If the machine has an agitator, wash the toy in a mesh laundry bag. Allow the toy to hang dry, never dry it flat and never use heat to dry it.  

Whether it's an old stuffed toy or a new toy, the more effort you put into protecting it, the longer its memories will last. If you're looking to buy new stuffed animals rather than saving the old ones, visit a place like Magic Mouse Toys.