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Children's Crafts for Every Holiday

If your children are like mine, they love to help decorate for the holidays. However, many of my decorations are breakable. As such, they can't really help or touch the items. In order to make them feel like they are contributing, and to keep them busy while I decorate, I started giving them fun little crafts that they could do for each holiday. I decided to start this website to share some of our favorite crafting ideas with each of you. I treasure all of the holiday crafts that my children have completed, and I hope that you will love the crafts your child creates just as much. Thanks for visiting my website and happy crafting!

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3 Tips To Help You Reduce Energy Consumption With Lighting Upgrades For Your Home

If you are looking for energy efficient improvements for your home, upgrading lighting can be a rewarding investment. It is also something that you can do all at once, or do a little at a time with small DIY projects and improvements. This can include doing things as simple as changing light bulbs, or bigger projects like installing tape and recessed lighting. Here are some tips to help you get started with energy saving lighting improvements for your home:

1. Using CFL Light Bulbs For Affordable Lighting

CFL light bulbs are an affordable option if you want to begin replacing the lights in your home. These are compact fluorescent bulbs that you just screw into the existing light fixtures. These are a great option to replace any incandescent bulbs that you may still be using in your home. These bulbs cost a lot less than LED bulbs, but they also use more electricity. CFL bulbs are good for natural warm light and for a temporary solution for lights that you plan on eventually convert over to LED.

2. Long Lasting Lighting With LED Light Bulbs To Replace Old Lighting

LED light bulbs have improved in recent years. They can provide you with various different lighting options and are more durable and longer lasting. The biggest benefit is that they are more energy efficient than ever and becoming more affordable. This is a good option for rooms in your home where the lights stay on for many hours during the day. If you are gradually switching over to LEDs, concentrate on these areas first to get the biggest benefits from your lighting upgrades.

3. Creating Backlighting With LED Tape Lighting Projects In Your Home

Another solution for lighting that you may want to consider is LED tape lighting. These are easy lighting sources to install, and can be used to hide lighting in furniture, trim and other areas of your home. You can even get tape lighting with RGB colors and a remote to control the lighting that you install in your home. This can be good for areas like a living room or home theater, where you may want to have different lighting options for different moments.

These are some of tips to help you get started with energy saving lighting upgrades in your home. If you are ready to start with some of these improvements, contact an LED bulb supplier to get the materials you need to upgrade the lighting in your home.